Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander described conditions as brutal, and Emma Moffat described them as horrible however both won the Geelong half Ironman on Sunday 9-2-14.

Local results for the half Ironman
Glenn Unmack 4.53.04
Jarrod Epps 4.57.56
John Flood 5.10.17
Peter Ladd 5.23.59
Roy Preece 5.31.37
Andrew Wilkie 5.36.14
Lauren Menz 5.48.42

Jared Reilly 5.49.13
Helen Kavanagh 5.57.57
Megan Goode 6.22.43
Melissa Wilkie 7.04.15

Geelong 5150 (Olympic)
Fraser Walsh 7th Overrall 2.13.55
Shannon Dehne 2.32.26
Steve Monigatti 2.46.40
Kevin Walsh 2.49.42
Mark Lees 3.05.57
Rory Costelloe (of Villawood Properties) 3.11.55

Also good to see Jac and Russ Tremayne attending as officials, apologies for anyone I’ve missed.

here’s a link to the story from the official webiste

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