Congratulations to the club members who went around at Port Macquarie Ironman yesterday.

Winds have been described at brutal – tough day at the office!

Jarod Draper 1.03.53; 5.37.27; 3.21.27; 10.08.35
Craig Sloan 57.19; 5.31.39; 3.35.27; 10.08.48
Russ Tremayne 1.05.02; 5.40.16; 3.36.01; 10.29.51
Ben McDermid 58.26; 5.42.01, 3.51.49; 10.38.19
John Flood 1.00.32; 5.18.29; 4.30.16; 10.55.17
Steve Brereton 1.01.54; 5.50.06; 3.53.54; 10.58.10
Trevor Watchman 1.20.20; 5.22.32, 4.07.23; 10.59.48 (first ironman)
Brad King 1.08.39; 5.52.06; 4.13.58; 11.29.03
Carol Sing 1.09.23; 6.48.54; 6.31.18; 14.38.20

….. and from Leon Griffin at Wildflower in the US
Quick racing update regarding yesterday’s event at Wildflower. The sixth place finish was far from what I was looking for and ended up being a real missed opportunity for a win or podium at the least.

After dueling with eventual winner Jesse Thomas for 40 miles on the bike, to my dismay I noticed my Di2 battery starting to come loose then dangling by the wire from its bracket normally securing it to the frame. Long story short 3 stops on the roadside and nearly 10mins lost getting it fixed put me out of contention (couple pics sent to me below).

I can’t tell you how frustrated and disappointed I am with the current run of incidents. I haven’t had this many mechanicals in the past few years let alone 3 races already this season. Especially since I’m as fit and strong and confident as I’ve probably ever been in my racing career.

I’m already looking forward to getting some redemption at the next event in a couple of weeks at Rev3’s Championship race in Knoxville.

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