Challenge Melbourne 1.9/90/21.1

Ordinary conditions.
Leon Griffin had a great win in 3h51m41s.
Ben McDermid 4.53.21.

Brett Houlden 5.51. 45.g

Justin Lee 5.52.09.

Bridgewater .5/20/5

Howling wind.
Current Club Champs Nathan Meade & Shai Obrien took out the Long Course event with Alexander Evans R/U.

Long Course Times
Nathan Meade 57.52.Alexander Evans 59.59.Tom Barkmeyer 64.07 1st ag. Andrew Wilkie 65.57 2nd ag.
Tony Vlaeminck 66.06 3rd ag. Xavier Meade 66.21. Shai Obrien 66.31 1st female. Michael Gibbons 68.31 1st ag.
Jayson Carrol 69.06 Damian Hughes 69.32 3rd ag. Markcus Brown 69.40. Eric Hocking 70.13. Tim Lovell 71.55.
Andrew Meyers 72.28. Josh Ketterer 72.43. Geoff Webb 74.21 1st ag. Anthony Mellors 74.25. Greg Carter 74.27.
Chris McCormack 74.31 2nd ag. Gavin Fiedler 74.53 3rd ag. Paul Buncle 75.50. Matt Heislers 75.55 2nd ag.
Joanne Russell 76.46 1st ag. Murray Hyde 77.12. Karena Spencer 77.19 2nd ag. Alison Cartner 78.27 2nd ag.
Helen Kavanagh 78.49 3rd ag. Eamon Smith 80.44. Melissa Wilkie 83.27. Adele Garwood 84.04.
Alex Tranter 84.25. Peter Wardell 85.23. Melissa Douglas 86.17. Genevieve Green 87.52. Lauren Wardell 89.42.

S/C 200/10/3.
Former club Champ Troy Cartner won with Amelia Evans winning the women.
Adrian Ryan & Therese Martin R/U.
Troy Cartner 37.31. Adrian Ryan 40.23. Jack Meade 40.29 1st ag. Spencer Evans 40.47 2nd ag. Brad Hinton40.49 2nd ag.
Amelia Evans 43.16 1st female. Graeme Holland 43.23. Theresa Martin 43.39 1st ag. Gabrielle Bertoni Marshall45.51 1st ag.
Harrison Martin 47.13 3rd ag. Tom Flood 47.28. Jack Flood 48.35. John Flood 48.36. Justin Rowe 50.26 2nd ag.
David Lonsdale 53.59. Alice Webb 55.31 3rd ag. Andrew Tranter 59.01 Emily Heislers 60.07.

Duathlon 2/20/3.
Won by Bryan Keely & Toni Abbisogni.
Bryan Keely 54.19. Michael Smyth 63.08 1st ag. Tony Abbisogni 64.44 Ross Douglas 69.26 2nd ag. Craig Marshall 87.21.

Fun Tri 50m/3/1.Not timed.

Tullie Row, .Max Rowe.Beatrice Lonsdale, Phoebe Lonsdale, Floyd Cartner, Tyler Wilkie, Milly Webb, Imogen Thompson, Zedekiah Marshall, Billy Meade.

Hope I got most of the Bendigo crew. Gavin.

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