We had 4 club members (The Tremaynes and Lanyons) racing on the weekend at Ironman Bussleton in WA. This is a full distance Ironman race of 3.8km swim, 180km ride and 42.1km run. In what is considered one of the most competitor friendly conditions on the worldwide Ironman calendar, mother nature decided she wanted to throw a spanner in the works! The conditions were brutal yesterday, with some of the worst swimming conditions imaginable. Tough winds, high swells and persistent rain made for some of the slowest swim times on the Ironman circuit and made for a tough outing for the rest of the day 🙁 Our club members sure earned their Ironman Medals this weekend! Congrats to the 4 club members finishing a tough day and special mention to Karl Lanyon for completing his first Ironman – welcome to the club Karl!

Jackie Tremayne;

SWIM 1hr 31mins / BIKE 6hours 10mins / RUN 4hrs 27mins

TOTAL TIME 12hrs 20mins (4th in her Age Group)

Russel Tremayne;

SWIM 1hr 19mins / BIKE 5hrs 25mins / RUN 4hrs 1min

TOTAL TIME 10hrs 59mins

Georgie Lanyon;

SWIM 1hr 29mins / BIKE 6hrs 6mins / RUN 4hrs 4mins

TOTAL TIME 11hrs 53mins (7th in her Age Group)

Karl Lanyon;

SWIM 1hr 8mins / BIKE 5hrs 46mins / RUN 4hrs 19mins

TOTAL TIME 11hrs 29mins (1st time completing the full Ironman Distance race)

**Big shout out to Lisa and Ben McDermid for providing some pics and video’s for our facebook page of the 4 members racing**

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