Member Profile – Tom Barkmeyer

Occupation: Year 11 student at Bendigo High

Years in triathlon: Just done my 2nd season

Interests other than triathlon: Running, football

Most embarrassing Tri moment: Having a flat tyre in my first Bendigo club race!

Do you, or have you played any other sports?: Yes. Footy, cross country and swimming.

Do you have a hidden talent?: No don’t have a hidden talent!

Favourite leg in triathlon: The run leg.

What are your goals for the 2015/16 season?
I have never raced in a duathlon before so I would like to give that a go this winter.
To race in a few more Olympic distance races.
Race in more Gatorade series races.
To improve more in my swimming and riding and get faster race times!

Do you have a Coach? Yes, Meady and Jarrod Draper. I have recently joined PreCompTri.

Favourite tri distance? Have only mainly raced in sprint distance events, although have raced in one Olympic distance and enjoyed it!

If you could change one thing what would it be?
a) locally in tri – I would change that in Country races, make the people in teams start after the individual competitors in triathlon instead of all at once.
b) tri in general – Not sure
c) locally in Bendigo (not tri related) – To build the new Kangaroo Flat Aquatic centre!