Member Profile – Gavin Fiedler

Gav is the number one ticket holder of the club, he competed in the club’s first race ever held; and he is still going very strong.
Gav is one of the first people there every race day. Ever had a drink from the station on the run leg – Gav put them there. Had a look at the course map ……. First time racer had someone go over the course with you – yep Gav again. His input and influence in the club is remarkable. So here is a profile of Gavin.

Name: Gavin Fiedler (The Landlord)

Occupation: Investor

First triathlon: Port Fairy 12 /1/1986.

Of all the tri’s you’ve competed in, what are your favorite 2 and why?
Frankston Long Course. Tough.
Warrnambool Long Course. They call it sufferfest for a reason.

Best triathlete you seen? Male and female Chris McCormack & Michellie Jones

Best local triathlete you’ve seen (if not above)? Leon Griffin & Erica Wilkinson.

Strangest thing you’ve seen someone do in a triathlon? Walk through the bikies area at the Peaches n Cream festival at Cobram clad in lycra. They were not happy with the flouro fairy.

How many club tri’s have you competed in? Have you finished them all? No idea.

How many tri’s in total? How many Ironman/Half Ironman? Greater than 200 in total, 11 Ironmen and 27 halves/long course

Favourite leg in triathlon: Run.

Most embarrassing Tri moment: Lost bike in transition at Pt Arlington

Greatest moment in triathlon: Becoming a Ironman legend

Interests other than triathlon: Lots.

Favourite TV show: Just discovered The Big Bang Theory

Pet hate (doesn’t have to be tri related): Quitters

Favourite food: Strawberries, cream and ice cream.

Name 3 dream party guests (living or dead): Warren Buffett, Weary Dunlop, Hilary Clinton.

Do you, or have you played any other sports?: Aussie Rules Tennis Basketball Cross-country

Favourite band/music: Hard ROCK

Do you have a hidden talent?: No

What was the last movie you saw?: Super Size Me.

What races outside of the club events are you planning this season? Shepparton Echuca Bridgewater Maryborough Warrnambool.