Member Profile – John Flood

Occupation: Sole Director Floods Bus Lines.

Years in triathlon: I did my first 70.3 IM in Yeppoon in August 2013.

Interests other than triathlon: Motor Sport, Mountain Bike, Collingwood!!

Favourite TV show: Seinfeld

Most embarrassing Tri moment: Having a lady helper strip me naked in transition at Port Mac last year after the swim … Shrinkage !!

Pet hate (doesn’t have to be tri related): Bendigo Traffic

Favourite food: Anything my wife Carolyn cooks

Greatest moment in triathlon: Getting a Kona spot at Melbourne this year .

Name 3 dream party guests (living or dead): Lance Armstrong, Dr Karl, Will Ferrell.

Do you, or have you played any other sports?: I’m Currently on and off for my Karate black belt.

Do you have a hidden talent?: No not a one.

What was the last movie you saw?: The Boxing movie “Champs “

Favourite leg in triathlon: The Swim as it’s the shortest

With winter (2015) coming on, what are your training plans?
I will do a four month training block leading up to Kona in October after a bit of rest following Port Mac .. Follow me on Strava if you’re keen to see what I do.

What are your goals for the 2015/16 season?
In 2015 I’m doing Port Mac IM this weekend then Kona in October followed by Shepparton 70.3 and Busso IM in December .2016 will include Geelong 70.3 and Melbourne IM and hopefully I can qualify for the world 70.3 on the Sunshine coast in September and Kona in October again, I will also be doing most of the club Triathlons and the Gatorade series with my son Tom.

Do you have a Coach? I have a Certificate 4 in sports coaching so I have always been self-coached, but I have had a lot of help from David and Jarrod at PreComp Tri and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Favorite tri distance? My favourite distance is the full IM as I’m to slow for the shorter tris now.

If you could change one thing what would it be locally in tri?
I think Bendigo needs a long term traffic management plan.

You have a long history as an athlete – give us a bio and include some of your highlights!
I raced in Spain in the 80s with the Reynolds pro cycling team alongside Tour De France Winner Miguel Indurain , I returned to Australia and raced domestically for 10 years riding Sun Tours, Bendigo Madisons and National races on the track and road. I then raced mountain bikes for a few years winning a World Masters age group.

Your family is heavily involved – so would you prefer your kids to take up triathlons or bike racing?
I think everyone has different interests. My eldest son races go karts and race cars, my daughter races karts and does karate, my youngest son is playing footy and triathlons. I think it’s important they find something they love to do and just enjoy doing it.