The following article was written by Geoff Webb in the July 1992 club newsletter.

The “Twilight Series” was a social event organised by a few members. Other members had heard about the “Series” and wondered why they had not been invited to race, but upon reading the rules for the “Series” soon realised it was training of a different nature!

The Bendigo Triathlon Club’s Twilight Series, just another multi- sport series I hear you say. Not necessarily pessimist, the word twilight is the key to this misunderstood teirm. The idea of the series was conceived so as to fill that gap between swimming in the soup and developing sweaty, mouldy marks in and around ones windtrainer, ie the hours between 9pm and 6am. The series was also designed for the Digger Alrick types and therefore is not really ideal for those with a birth date in the vicinity of Fred Knudsen. Unfortunately club members, although we are barely halfway through the first year of this physically demanding series a number of problems have arose. As chairman of the race sanctioning committee, I therefore feel I have no alternative than to remind members of the race rules as put forward and approved by the committee back in April of this year.

Rule No.l No competitor shall bring their mother to any such event.

Moved Kylie Morgan Seconded Paul Morgan

Rule No.2 No competitor shall be under 18 years of age

Moved Shirley Morgan Seconded Kylie Morgan

Rule No.3 No competitor shall attempt to score series points by competing in an unsanctioned event.

Moved David Meade Seconded Geoff Webb

Rule No.4 Social members of the club may join the event even though the event may be all but completed

Moved Gavin Fiedler Seconded His mother

Rule No.5 The race committee may call an event even though there may not be sufficient time to tell all club members

Moved Greg Christie Seconded David Meade

Rule No.6 All social members who have in their possesion spare free passes to Abbey Rd Nightclub are extremely welcome

Moved Kym Ferguson-Thomas Seconded John Svanosio

Rule No.7 Any competitor who can not tell the difference between heavy beer and Fosters Special Light is a fool

Moved John Rose Seconded Gavin Fiedler

Rule No.8 Any events must be held on a Thursday night

Moved David Meade Seconded David Meade

Rule No.9 All competitors who do not hydrate at a regular rate shall only receive half points in that such event

Moved David McLennan Seconded John Rose

Rule No.10 Competitors may set an exhausting pace during the first (happy) hour and then jog the remainder of the race

Moved Kym Ferguson-Thomas Seconded Kylie Morgan

Hopefully after members have refamiliarised themselves with the rules, we will not have any futher instances which have led to competitors being deducted points as in the past. Finally, the inaugural race winner’s record remains in tact which shows what an outstanding performance he or she did put in on that night (and morning). On a sadder note, unfortunately the sports editor of the Bendigo Advertiser together with some of the more senior members of the club have expressed the desire not to read any futher race reports of any such Twilight meeting. Therefore all race reports will from now on be relayed by word of mouth only. So till next time, remember there is more to our sport at night time than reading the Fourth Event!

Geoff Webb Chairman

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