Gav is the number one ticket holder of the club. Those with a keen eye and who have followed the stories celebrating the Bendigo Tri Club’s 25th Year Anniversary will have noticed that Gav competed in the first race ever held; and he is still going very strong.

Gav is one of the first people there every race day. Ever had a drink from the station on the run leg – Gav put them there. Had a look at the course map ……. First time racer had someone go over the course with you – yep Gav again. His input and influence in the club is remarkable.

So here is a profile of Gavin –

Name: Gavin Fiedler (The Landlord)

Occupation: Investor

First triathlon: Port Fairy 12 /1/1986.

Of all the tri’s you’ve competed in, what are your favorite 2 and why? Frankston Long Course. Tough.

Warrnambool Long Course. They call it sufferfest for a reason.

Best triathlete you seen? Male and female Chris McCormack. Michellie Jones

Best local triathlete you’ve seen (if not above)? Leon Griffen Erica Wilkinson.

Strangest thing you’ve seen someone do in a triathlon? Walk through the bikies area at the Peaches n Cream festival at Cobram clad in lycra. They were not happy with the flouro fairy.

How many club tri’s have you competed in? Have you finished them all – if not – do tell……No idea.

How many tri’s in total? How many ironmen / half ironmen? Greater than 200 in total, 11 Ironmen and 27 halves/long course

Favourite leg in triathlon: Run.

Most embarrassing Tri moment: Lost bike in transition at Pt Arlington

Greatest moment in triathlon: Becoming a Ironman legend

Interests other than triathlon: Lots.

Favourite TV show: Just discovered The Big Bang Theory

Pet hate (doesn’t have to be tri related): Quitters

Favourite food: Strawberries, cream and ice cream.

Name 3 dream party guests (living or dead): Warren Buffett, Weary Dunlop, Hilary Clinton.

Do you, or have you played any other sports?: Aussie Rules Tennis Basketball X country

Favourite band/music: Hard ROCK

Do you have a hidden talent?: No

What was the last movie you saw?: Super Size Me.

What races outside of the club events are you planning this season? Shepparton Echuca Bridgewater Maryborough Warrnambool.

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