December’s club results
Unfortunately we had a timing malfunction for the December race and there will not be any times available. We’ve tried to resurrect the data that is there but without success. Sorry.

(Editor’s note – I claimed a PB for this race, without proof my mates are not going to let me claim the time. Harsh)

Canberra Results
A couple of club members travelled to Canberra for the half ironman last weekend (15/12)

At this stage I can only find one time on the webpge results – if there are others let me know …… (Use the ‘Contact Us’ form).

Geoffrey Graham 39:22; 2:58:46; 2:08:07 for a finishing time of 5:54:06 which placed Geoffrey 5th in his 60-64 age group. Great job!

BUSSO results
Six guys went round on Sunday (8/12) with 5 finishers. Must have been interesting conditions with one split on the bike Leon averaged over 70km/hr with another only 20km/hr.

Jarrod Draper 129 overall – 1:07:38; 5:07:19; 3:25:27 – race time of 9:46:42

Frank Scarce 3rd in age group and 141 overall – 1:02:09 swim, 4:56:43 bike, 3:46:00 run for 9:49:43

Russell Tremayne 8th in age group. 1:07:30; 5:03:58; 3:59:20 – race time of 10:19.27

Justin Lee 1:08:39; 6:03:49; 4:27:27 for a race time of 11:56:17

Ben McDermid 1:02:01; 5:23:44; 4:04:22 for a race time of 10:36:54

Leon Griffin 49:47; 4:43:22; DNF

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