Benalla Tri on 27/12/14. Sprint distance 750/20/5.

Fraser Walsh had a very good victory in very good conditions. His winning time was 57.16.

Age Group winners were Joanne Russell 75.18 and Gavin Fiedler 73.16.

Second places went to Roy Preece 65.58 and Alex Evans 61.06.

Third place to Tom Barkmeyer 63.55.

Others to race.

Tony Vlaeminck 65.52.

Kevin Walsh 69.00.

Markcus Brown 69.51.

Ric Jackal 66.14.

Josh Ketterer 68.34.

Darrin Speechley 72.12.

Short Course.300/10/2.

Amelia Evans raced well to win her Age Group in 42.03. with Spencer Evans 2nd in 41.30.

Any body racing Echuca if you see me after with your time would be very helpful.Thanks Gavin Fiedler.

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