Well another great season has come to an end. Hopefully you all achieved your goals and are ready to keep training through the cooler winter months in preparation for the next season!

The Results page has been updated with a complete list of the 2015-16 club champions and aggregate winners. These are all contained in the one link. There is a separate link on the same page to show the complete aggregate points tally for both the long and short courses.

A quick reminder on a couple of rules for these competitions:

To be eligible for club championships competitors must have completed at least 2 events in the distance that they enter for the club champs. Completion of marshalling duties for a club event counts as 1 event for qualification. Competitors must be full financial members, not one day racers. Ages are taken as at race date.

To be eligible for the aggregate competition competitors must be full financial members. Only events completed after becoming a full member count towards the points tally. Points are allocated based on handicap results for each event. The best 5 results are counted in the final calculation.

Stay safe and look forward to seeing everyone back in September.

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