Our Course

For Adults

Our course consists of an easy pool swim, a challenging on-road bike course, and a flat run around the lake, with multiple laps of each as necessary to complete the distance.

The Swim

Swims are held in the Eaglehawk YMCA 50m indoor pool. We swim multiple laps in the same lane (no switching lanes), keeping our own count of laps. Once you’re finished, hop out, and it’s a short run to the transition area.

The Ride

Our ride is a 3.75km loop on roads with some hills. There are marshals with flags and radios stationed at every corner, so you won’t get lost and there’s always help nearby. You’ll complete multiple laps to cover the distance (4 laps for the long course, 2 for the short course), before returning to transition and heading out for your run. All types of bikes are welcome, including road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, commuter/hybrid bikes!

The Run

Our run is a flat approximately 1km loop on the footpath around Lake Neangar. Once you’ve completed the requisite number of loops (4 for long course, 2 for short course), you’ll turn into the finishing chute and glory!

For Kids

The kids course is the same easy pool swim, but keeps the bike off the roads, with an easy ride around Lake Neangar on a path, followed by a run on the grass.
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