Race Info

Our 7-race Villawood Summer Series is the highlight of the Bendigo summer.

Our Course

The swim is an easy multi-lap swim in the Eaglehawk YMCA 50m pool, making this an ideal course for less confident swimmers.
The bike is on a 3.75km loop around quiet nearby roads with some hills.
The run is an easy flat 1km loop around Lake Neangar.
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Teams may enter any of the our races. You may race in teams of two or three people – one person doing the swim leg, one the bike leg and one the run leg, or a combination of disciplines, for example team member one does the swim and the run leg, while team member two does the ride. Membership and Race Entry Fees will apply to EACH team member.

Other Points of Interest

You don’t need fancy equipment, there are no time limits, you can swim freestyle and swap to backstroke if you feel tired or slow to a walk instead of a run. The only person you have to race against is yourself! Triathlon is a fantastic sport for any age, which makes our club a very family friendly environment. Lots of encouragement is given to all competitors. So why not give yourself a new challenge!

Triathlon Victoria Memberships

The Bendigo Triathlon Club would like to advise all members that our Club races are not be sanctioned with Triathlon Victoria. The primary reason being, the insurance costs through Triathlon Victoria & Triathlon Australia have increased substantially, therefore we have sourced our insurance through a private broker. Not sanctioning our races through Triathlon Victoria/Triathlon Australia has allowed the Club to keep our Club Memberships and Race Day Fees the same as last season. However, by sourcing our own insurance, should you wish to become a Triathlon Victoria/Triathlon Australia Member, you will need to pay the full membership fee of $200-00 (previously $120.00). If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Club.